Blurb Informal: Digital Illuminations

"Digital Illuminations" is a show currently at the Jacobs Gallery featuring work from three artists: Beth Robinson, Susi Steinitz Ettinger and Bob Crow, all who employ some form of computer art.

Beth Robinson's digital collages are great because they don't remind you immediately of Photoshop. Charming and imaginative, they are notable for bypassing the level of quick creativity immediately on hand in this medium. Beyond filters or brush tools, Robinson's work seems thoughtful and considered while remaining somewhat lighthearted. The fact that "The Day I Wore Invisible Socks" could pass as handmade makes it significantly more interesting.


"The Day I Wore Invisible Socks" (digital collage)

How clever and surprising this is "Every Rabbit Should Have A Hat." It is part of a set of tongue-in-cheek three dimensional collages that are all equally unexpected.


"Every Rabbit Should Have A Hat" (3D box collage on panel)

Robinson's work in the show was the most immediately attracting, but the pieces by Crow and Steinitz Ettinger grew in depth after reading their biographies. In this case, the context of the work and background of the artist felt imperative.

If Crow and Steinitz Ettinger were less experienced artists, it would be easy to dismiss them as Photoshop hobbyists upon first glance. However, Crow appears to be an artist long-journeyed on the path of photography, where digital manipulation is an organic step in his artistic process. Steinitz Ettinger honestly just sounds like a badass nonagenarian woman-artist who makes weird computer art! One can't help but respect someone who, as a "young child, rubbed elbows" with Hannah Hoch, later worked as a lecturer at the Met and freelance cartoonist in NYC in the 40s/50s, and continues to make artwork in a valuable and new medium that remains untouched by plenty of people who consider themselves to be experimental.

"Digital Illuminations" is on now through November 24th.

Check out information on the artists here: