Cassandra Warren

I can appreciate an artist who isn't afraid of glitter, and Cassandra Warren definitely isn't.

As a part of the Eugene Storefront Art Project, Warren's paintings are now installed in the Broadway Commerce Center located at 44 W Broadway and provide an obvious compliment to the newly remodeled, modern office space.


Warren's drippy, iridescent mixed media paintings, bejeweled with sequins and beads, are celebratory and attractive. Like a melted birthday cake or glitter vomit, they at first recall the dizzy after effects of a night of revelry, as if an abstraction of “last night's party”. The paintings also look really fun to make. In this sense, they are grounded in the act of their creation, existing reflexively to celebrate the pleasure of their own becoming.


However, they also seem to function with a different purpose, especially upon closer inspection. Easy to get lost in, these paintings describe a microscopic world that has a simple beauty and an easy natural attraction, offering a beautiful and possible inner retreat from the real world.


They also have the delightful quality of winking at you as you walk past, an energetic nod to the viewer.

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