I Think I'M In Love

I don't remember what I was looking for but I found these instead. That is, re-found them. I believe they originate from boyfriends mom. Aren't they beautiful?

Package View

As a person who loves color, these are highly exciting. We sell just a few Prismacolor Art Stix where I work, just in black, grey and white. Included in this set ("Berol" Prismacolor) is Lavender, Grass Green, Gold, Copenhagen Blue, "Flesh" etc. At first I thought this couldn't be older than late 70s? 80s? but the package states "1954". This could just be a item # but I will pretend otherwise.


They are in such perfect condition that I don't even really want to use them. Apparently they are made from the same material that is in Prismacolor colored pencils, just in stick form. They are nice, very smooth. Kind of like crayons but better, buttery.


^ "Mothmen" drawing with them.